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I was debating on buying something but when I did the math I calculated by how many pizzas that would be. Then I ordered a pizza and forgot what I was even thinking of getting.

What Is Limonene, One of the Most Abundant #Terpenes in Cannabis, and What Are Its Benefits? πŸ‹ #limonene

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Look at this. I took about 8 prescription pills at once totaling approximately 40 pills per day. But 35 different pills?!! It’s amazing we are alive the way these doctors give out pills. Cannabis replaced ALL OF THEM for me, including narcotics! #pillskill

This is just another shameful part of the very real War on cannabis β€” and the cannabis culture.

Banning our plant, symbols, rituals, icons, language, media, arts, history... it’s a form of cultural extermination. #Prohibition #FakeLegalization

Nothing better than mornings with Booms!! We always turn off the faucet when brushing our teeth with @Colgate, it saves more water than you might think! #EveryDropCounts #ClimateWeekNYC

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