Cherry AK Marijuana Strain Review

Strain Name: Cherry AK
Strain Genetics: Mexican x Thai x Colombian x Afghani

First Impression: What the fuck is Cherry AK? Never heard of it, but it smelled like it was crossed with Kush genetics…had to give it a try. FWC says it tested at 17%+ THC content, always a plus!

Strain Type: Sativa Dominant
Dispensary: Florin Wellness Center
Location: Sacramento County
Price: $140 1/2 oz., $75 1/4 oz.
Weight: 1/4oz.
Weight Other: $70 for 8 grams, bought a quarter of Bubba Kush too, totaled $140.
THC Content: 16%-20%

Appearance: Leafy, Spongy, Medium Buds, Green, Moderate Trichomes, Sticky

Smell: Musky, Pungent, Skunk, Ocean Grown, Danky
When I broke it down it was danky as hell, smelled like I ran over a skunk, smell lingered for awhile after burning.

Taste: Earthy, Hashy, Smooth, Danky

Buzz Type: Cheerful, Clear Head, Euphoric, Even body/head high, Happy, Munchies, Social, Silly, Wandering Mind
Buzz Length: 2-3 Hours

Overall Strain Rating: 8.5

Medical Benefits: Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Chemotherapy, Loss of Appetite, Migraine

Ingestion Methods: Rolling Papers, Water Bong, Blunt, Pipe

Strain Summary: Impressed with this strain, wasn’t expecting much, but was pleased with a different type of heady type of high. Would be a great social strain or perfect if you want to act a little silly.

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