Khalifa Kush Medical Marijuana Strain Review

What is Khalifa Kush?

Khalifa Kush, also known more commonly as “Wiz Khalifa OG”among the cannabis community, is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created as a descendant of the insanely popular classic strain OG Kush.
Khalifa Kush, or Wiz Khalifa OG, is a hybrid that was bred specifically for the rap artist Wiz Khalifa, who claims it descended from an OG strain. The ‘real’ Khalifa Kush is supposedly unavailable to the public, but those who have acquired strains under this name say that the effects and aromas are similar to that of OG Kush: sour lemon and pine, with an active cerebral buzz ideal for morning and daytime use.

Khalifa Kush

Strain Name: K-Kush AKA Khalifa Kush
Genetics: OG Kush
Type: Indica
Dispensary: Florin Wellness Center
Location: Sacramento County
Price: $12/ gram (Daily Freebie)

1st impression: This was the freebie if I spent $100 at Florin Wellness Center. I got a gram of K-Kush…the budtender said it was top shelf, it was free….Why not? Definitely looks like some fire, photographed like a Cannabis cup winner…Buds are perfectly dense, broke down very nicely. Excellent high quality taste, heavy on the lungs, but you feel the potency of the chronic absorbing into your bloodstream. One thing I noticed is the buds are elongated, but didn’t effect the overall quality of the strain. I can see why this was top shelf.

Looks/Appearance: Beautiful girl! Light, neon greens with so much heavenly THC powder blanketed over them I almost went and got my snowboard out…The orange hairs are snaking their way out from the inside out, the pictures are a must see — Amazing!

Smell: Hashy, Danky, Piney with that lemony smell (like pine-sole), Made my eyes water, smelled industrial.

Buzz Type: Aware, Alive, Awake, Movie watching high
Buzz Length: 1-2 hours easy
Medical Benefits: Anxiety, Stress, excellent strain when you want to relax.
Strain Summary:
I doubt I got to truly try the infamous Khalifa Kush, but this wasn’t bad at all. A top shelf strain that lived up to its billing. High quality, def worth a freebie. It’s great to be able to try these strains that I usually can’t afford. I’d definitely try it again.

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