Mango Marijuana Strain Photos

Damn, I forgot I smoked this! Anyone else do that? Good thing I used to randomly take pictures of the shit that I rolled up for “review”. Figured I’d share some visual candy to our loyal readers!

Anyone else tried this strain? Let us know! I’m a firm believer that each strain depends upon the knowledge of the grower so I’m always interested in hearing how others experienced what they believe is the true genetics of the strain they are told.

The BC Mango packs a powerful high with a distinct mango flavor and a tantalizing smell. A mostly indica variety, the BC Mango is a fairly stout and easy to grow plant that produces nice frosty buds. A merger of Canadian and Dutch genetics, this is an excellent choice for growing both indoors and out. Good for commercial cultivators as well as connoisseurs, this low odor variety grows a massive central cola with minimal side branching.

Genetics: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Specifics: KC Mango x BC Mango
Flowering Time: Indoor 6-9 weeks
Outdoor: Late-September

“These buds are huge! This is a great plant for commercial production, because the buds are so big and heavy that they can be picked after six weeks of flowering. They develop even more resin and become very stoney if left flowering for nine weeks before harvest. Indoors, Mango tops out just under three feet, and can yield more than five ounces when properly grown. It grows up to 10 feet tall outdoors, and can easily yield two pounds or more in climates where it can be harvested from late September through mid-October.” Credit: High Times

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